One of our specialities is assembling installation kits to customers’ specific requirements. Shown here are examples of water softener installation kits incorporating tees with integral check valves for the by-pass set and preassembled hoses for ease of installation. Other alternatives include kits for installing vending machines, water coolers, ice makers etc. If you have an appliance that needs a water connection we can help. Please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

You can rely on us to provide a small one off kit or a regular order for thousands of kits packaged with your logos and/or instructions if required.

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Softener Installation Kits

Typical water softener installation kits will include a pair of pre-assembled hoses, a bypass set with connection for the hoses, a check valve – this is usually incorporated within a tee although they can be a separate fitting if required, drain/overflow hose and the relevant clips and washers. Hi-flo kits are available with 19mm stainless hoses and full flow valves for use in applications with direct mains/unvented plumbing systems.

We also have 25mm kits available

All of our bypass tees, valves and hoses have WRAS approval.

Simple kits with just a hose (often made to customers requirements) fittings and instructions are available for ice makers and fridges with water dispensers.

Remember we can custom make kits to your exact requirements. Please contact us for more details, or view our catalogue for our range of fittings.